Never negotiate excellence

Why You Should NEVER Negotiate Excellence

Whatsoever you hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.

Ecclesiastes 9:10

Not too long ago, I hired a handyman to do a minor job around the house. Before we negotiated the costs, we agreed that I’d only pay him what he requested if his work was exceptional. He firmly replied, “you won’t have to worry about anything.” So, I felt he would do a good job, and I did not bother to supervise him.

You won’t believe I had to hire another person to clean up the pathetic work the first handyman did. After the entire job was done, I couldn’t stop wondering how comfortable that first man was to attribute such terrible work to himself. Much more than the hurt of the money I wasted, I couldn’t believe someone would deliver such poor service and not be bothered about his reputation.

I know, right. Such a terrible person!????????

But tell me. How dedicated are you to excellence on a scale of 1 to 10?

Do you just finish up your responsibility to avoid the repercussions of not doing it?

Funny enough, even some believers have yet to understand the meaning of excellence, especially regarding their secular work. They behave anyhow, turn in poorly done projects, and expect the ‘grace’ of God to cover for mediocrity.

My dear, even the God we serve does not negotiate excellence. Everything He does is whole, perfect, and complete. He even had to rate His work of creation as ‘very good’ before he took the Sabbath.

And God saw everything that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day (He rested the next day).

Genesis 1:31

Here’s Why You Cannot Afford to Negotiate Excellence In Your Dealings

Your Work Is Your Ambassador

Hear me out, honey. Your work goes before you and represents you wherever it is found. It often goes to places you do not know, have never been to, and may never know.

People will experience or use the product of your craft but may never get to meet you. Other times, the quality of your work travels through the mouths and reactions of people as recommendations or disapproval.

Knowing that your work carries a part of you wherever it goes, you will put in nothing below excellent.

Trust me, that handyman may never step foot in my house again, but the kind of work he did will always remind me of him and why I should never hire him again.

The Quality Of Work You Do Shows How Much Respect You Have For Yourself

There is no other way around it; the quality of work you’re comfortable putting out there shows how much value you place on yourself.

If you put out bad work, you’re simply telling people that you do not care to put in the discipline and commitment it takes to build competence, or you do not respect yourself enough to leave an impeccable representation of your craft.

Should I ever have to interact with that first handyman again, I can’t take him seriously because his work showed me that he doesn’t take himself seriously. And this won’t be me staying mad at him for doing a lousy job.

So, the next time you lay your hands on something to do, remember that it is your opportunity to show how much self-respect you have. And the self-respect people perceive around you will determine how much respect they’ll show you.

Self-respect is also that factor that makes you do your best in areas people do not get to see. Example? How you use your time and how you clean your room.????

The Quality Of Work You Do Determines Your Success

Yes, I know. Success comes from God. But when it comes to things pertaining to the earth, God cannot do everything for us. That’s why He gave us brains, skills, and intellect.

When I say the quality of work you do determines your success, I’m talking about referrals, repeat customers, and promotion for entrepreneurship, business, and corporate career, respectively.

As long as my circle of influence and I are concerned, that handyman will never get another gig. Now, imagine how many opportunities he would be shutting himself away from if he repeats what he did with me in more houses. It will only be a matter of a few months or years for him to go out of business.

The same thing happens with a corporate career. You’re looking to move to a higher position, but everybody still complains about the work you do in your current position. Except through dubious means, you should never expect a promotion.

If you are in business, you’ll agree with me that more than 80% of your customers are from referrals or on repeat (I.e., coming back or bringing someone else because your product or service was so good). Even this Forbes article explains that when you know how much trust you get to enjoy from new customers (for free) simply because someone they know told them you’re good, you’ll never joke with the quality of work you send out there.

Excellence Is Your Response To God’s Grace

I am not disputing the fact that the favor of God can single you out in your field of endeavor. But what you do after God’s favor singles you out is up to you and will determine whether or not you will sustain that favor.

Also, committing to excellence in your work simply shows that you understand the power of God at work in you and do not take it for granted. Otherwise, how do you explain that the Holy Spirit in you (if you are a believer) allowed you to turn in mediocre work? Or did you receive an outdated version of this excellent Spirit?

In Conclusion

I hope I’ve upset you at this point because excellence should be a non-negotiable part of our everyday lives.

PS: I think I’m still shocked at that handyman.????

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9 thoughts on “Why You Should NEVER Negotiate Excellence”

  1. Emmanuel Adeshina

    This is a table-shattering piece!
    Indeed excellence is non-negotiable, especially for believers.
    Thank you Meb.

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