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Get inspired into intentionality through creative collections of words. Be warned. I’ll be sharing my project-in-progress life right here 😇!

walking on water, faith in God

Walking on Water

A cool breeze danced above the sea, sending shivers down the spines of twelve tired men and a few others headed away from the shores. A cloud of dust covered the dry city as it shrunk from their sight. They could still see people dispersing in clusters from the place a phenomenal miracle had just

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I was living life, content with the way things were going, till my fragile heart started rebelling. I discovered how pitiable I have become, with loneliness being my closest and only companion… The void was widening every day, threatening to swallow me up. For a moment, I wanted to go with it thinking perhaps I

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My world seeks me

My world seeks me yet I find myself unavailable Occupied by nothing, living in a trajectory Every path revolves around the same activity The activity of doing nothing. Random thoughts permeate my being I find myself constantly being swallowed up by my own unwillingness I know I must get up and strive To what end??

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