Celebrating easter

How to Really Celebrate Easter


Christ is risen!

He bore the pain, endured the shame, was ridiculed by the ones He came to save, took on suffering, died on the cross, and now He is risen!

Glory to God!

But is that all?

I mean, will saying ‘He is risen’ be all there is about Easter and the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to you?

God forbid that’s the only reason Jesus left His glory in heaven, associated Himself with this sinful world, and died the most shameful death ever!

Of course, He died, and He rose. We’ve all had to say it this morning (as we should every other morning). But that’s not the end. In fact, Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection are only the foundation of the age to come.

What does Easter mean to you?

The reason we celebrate Easter is beyond saying that He is risen! Beyond acknowledging that already obvious fact, we must understand the essence of the resurrection.

Christ died and rose so that He can show us how to live (and empower us to do so)!

So, my question to you is, are you living as Christ has come to show us to live? Or do you blatantly reject that life but still shout, ‘He is risen’?

Looks like i am beginning to raise my voice.😑

Okay #breathes in and out#

Let’s try this again. Much calmer this time.😇

It is not enough to say He is risen. We need to live up to our responsibility as people who Christ died and rose for. We need to – by our deeds – prove that Christ is truly risen.

The Kind of Life Jesus’s Resurrection Gave Us

There are two primary ways Christ’s resurrection showed us how to live, and hence, the responsibility we now have because He died and rose.

To live as a child of God

Jesus Christ died and rose again so that those who believe in Him will come into the family of God and become legitimate children. And being a member of the family of God, it is our responsibility to live according to the precepts of our Father. It is our responsibility to show forth the nature of our Father (remember the fruit of the Spirit?).

But are you currently living a life contrary to God’s nature?

Not to judge you, but I do hope you realise that lifestyle is only grieving the Holy Spirit. God will always love you (as He does the entire world even while we were in sin), but saying ‘He is risen’ and not living like a child of God does not sound right to me. It shouldn’t sound right to anyone.😅

To live above sin

When Christ died and rose, He set us free from sin and made us the righteousness of God in Himself. So, if you truly believe in Jesus’s sacrifice, you have the power to live above sin. But God will not force you to use that power. It is your responsibility to walk in that power, resist the devil, and live a life that is above sin.

But should you decide to live in sin and cover it up with, ‘it does not matter, I am still God’s righteousness in Christ’ (I’ll put the blame on imbalanced teachings, not you), you won’t stop being His child, but three things will happen.

One, you mock God! How can you keep confessing that God loves you and at the same time, vehemently continue to dishonour Him with your life? Is that how to treat someone who loves you so much so that He gave His life for you?

Two, when you live in sin, you continue to empower your flesh and weaken your spirit. And if your spirit is weak, how will you truly live for God? Remember that He is Spirit, and those who worship Him must do so in spirit!

Three, you will continue to glorify the devil and empower him to do what he wills in your life. You know why? Sin enables the devil. It is his territory!

But You Are Not Finished

I get it. Nobody’s perfect. And God isn’t asking you to be perfect. He is only saying, “i have forgiven your iniquity and given you the power to live as my child. Live a life worthy of who you say you have become in Christ!”

Happy Easter! 😘

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