Intentional Living with MEB

…living according to Design.

Spirit-Inspired Contents to Help you Lead an Intentional Life.

Miracle Ebele Okeke

Meet Meb

I am a young sassy believing woman with a fiery zeal to open your eyes to your inheritance in Christ. I also live with a desire to see you intentionally live out God’s design for your life – and not get tossed about by the winds of social media and trends.

Simply put, I am God’s Masterpiece and project-in-progress, anointed to engineer words that draw weary hearts to Jesus and awaken slumbering souls into a life of intentionality.

It is my greatest desire that you find Purpose while Reading my bLOG!

A life of purpose is primed by intentional living.

A life of intentionality is your response to God’s gift.

Areas of Focus!

Let’s acknowledge and live in all that is ours in Christ – even in the tiniest activities of life.

We’ll touch on everything from spiritual growth, self-care and health, intellectual development, finances, rest and renewal, and personal growth. All in the light of redemption!

We’ll learn to behold our lives with the eye of eternity!

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Marriage was, and remains God’s idea.

What better way to prepare for and do marriage and family other than as it was in the beginning?

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Your guide to finding your spiritual tribe.

Watch out for this space!

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Not mere positive thinking.

I’ll take you on a bedazzling journey where you’d learn to use your mouth to birth your realities on earth.

We won’t be trying to fake it until we see it. No. We’ll declare what we already are, and what we already have. To ourselves, the elements, and the devil, until those realities are fully established in this realm.

We’ll be putting our tongues to their original use and harnessing their power because death and life are in the power of the tongue…We’ll savor the fruits of our tongues – every day.

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Get inspired into intentionality through creative collections of words. Be warned. I’ll be sharing my project-in-progress life right here 😇!

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