My world seeks me

My world seeks me yet I find myself unavailable

Occupied by nothing, living in a trajectory

Every path revolves around the same activity

The activity of doing nothing.

Random thoughts permeate my being

I find myself constantly being swallowed up by my own unwillingness

I know I must get up and strive

To what end?? the question becomes recurrent.

If I am to find my place again

I must first learn to conquer my thoughts

The thoughts that will me be mediocre

The thoughts that say to me to work at my own pace

When did it become a lie to work at one’s pace?

It did when it started popping up as an excuse to every reason to strive?

When it chipped away at my motivation to succeed

Having watched myself in constant decline

I must ask different questions

I must change perspectives

I must adopt new principles.

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