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7 Ways Coaching Has Helped Me, And Why You Should Get A Life Coach.

Let’s start with a riddle.

What is the most significant investment you can ever make in life?

Buying crypto? Real estate? Getting a degree? Or revamping your wardrobe?🤔

The answer is spending money on yourself!

You can spend on yourself by investing in your health and happiness, and staying as wholesome as possible.

Those are great – no doubt.

But the greatest investment would be transforming your mind and life by getting a coach.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking now.

There are soooo many motivational speakers today who do not even have a clue about where they are headed in life…except their journey to take your hard-earned money.

And yeah, they say all sorts of hilarious things and give all manner of outrageously unbelievable counsel, some of which have landed people in more trouble than they originally were.

But I am not talking about that kind of coaching. I am talking about coaching that involves a clear-headed person who can help you unleash the greatness inside of you, teach you to navigate the things and people around you with wisdom, and also serve as a model to show you the vast possibilities in your life. Yes, your coach’s life must be living proof of the wisdom you want to pay them for.

And no, coaching will not essentially cost you an arm. You can easily remove unnecessary wants like Netflix, one or two wigs, those extra pairs of shoes, or even the frequent fine dining to create space for coaching. You get the drift?

I’ve had a life coach for over 3 years now, and these are a few ways coaching has helped transform my life.

Coaching Has Properly Solidified My Identity

I’ve always had a strong sense of identity. But coaching has helped me solidify that reckoning so much that I do not hesitate to disallow things that do not align with who I know I am. I am now so clear about who I am and what I have been called to do that I no longer need validation from people to continue on the path of purpose.

This clear sense of identity also extends to knowing how to prioritize my health and the state of my mind (and heart).

So, if you constantly find incongruity between your reality and who you think or know (from scriptures?) that you are, then you need coaching. Or if you are not even sure of who you are and what you should be doing with your life, then do not hesitate to get a life coach.

Getting A Life Coach Has Greatly Improved My Spiritual Life

Because my coach is also a Christian living her life to the fullest, being under her has opened me up to spiritual insights that are helping me live my best life as a believer in Christ.

I’ve learned and now practice unconventional ways to get to God’s heart and to receive things that eventually serve as solutions for me and those around me, the same way my coach does.

So, if you sense that your spiritual growth needs more than routine devotion and church attendance, you should consider getting a coach like mine.

Coaching Has Elevated My Relationships

By getting a life coach, I have been able to improve my relationships a million times. First, coaching has equipped me to know the boundaries to set in each relationship and also enforce those boundaries – unapologetically. Trust me, boundaries have a unique way of keeping your relationships productive and drama-free

And being coached by DDK, who triples as a woman of God, a prophet, and then a coach, I’ve learned the art of discerning people from afar and knowing who should be in my life and who shouldn’t. Then, there’s the bonus of making the most of my present relationships by actively bringing out the best in the people who relate with me.

If any of the above sounds like what you want to have in your life, you should consider coaching.

Getting A Life Coach Has Helped Me Convert My Potential

We were all born to be great.

We all have greatness inside of us.

We are all special and have the capacity to make our world better.

But if we never convert this knowledge to tangible actions and steps, the greatness in us will only remain a potential. Thankfully, coaching is one avenue God has used to materialize the seed of greatness in me, and there’s no going back.

So, if you know there is more to your life than what you are currently experiencing and manifesting, or you need help navigating the ‘next’ in your life, do not wait to be told to get a coach.

Coaching Has Helped Me Birth Visions

Everyone has world-changing ideas and visions, just as we all have the seed of greatness in us. But if we never convert those ideas and visions into actionable goals and roadmaps, they will only remain in our heads.

Yes. Coaching has helped bring many ideas and visions to reality – some of which I initially did not believe I could do. Sometimes, all you need is someone who knows how to show you how to actualize those visions.

Being Tutored By A Coach 100xed My Income

Of course, if you get clear on who you are and what you should be doing with your life, you will not miss out on the wealth generation part. Coaching has given me a sense of clarity about the work I do, how to deliver premium service, and how to get premium payment for my service. No cap😉

So, yes. If you are struggling with your career, business, or finance, coaching will help you get things straight so you can rightly position yourself and also maximize every opportunity that comes your way.

Put Me In Close Proximity With Other Visionary Women

This one here is the heart of the coaching benefits I’ve enjoyed. It’s one thing to take those steps towards growth in different areas of your life. But it is a breathtaking phenomenon to grow among people who are already doing epic things or achieving the kind of things you want to achieve.

For one thing, my coach is a model to show me a million possibilities I can achieve because she is already doing great stuff. Secondly, being in her membership places me in the same room as other women who are doing mighty things out there.

Can you imagine how that alone changes the way you perceive yourself and the things you can achieve? You can never think small ever again!


I can go on and on about how coaching has transformed my life. But if the question on your mind right now is, ‘Where do I find a life coach?’ let me introduce you to my coach, Debola Deji-Kurunmi – fondly called DDK. She is yet to be 40, but she has coached and impacted over 100,000 lives, including leaders, CEOs, executives and governments of several nations. She is a member of the U.S. Coaching Council and is the head of several coaching and ministry organizations. You can get her full bio here.

Just to better convince you that DDK is the life coach you need, you can watch this free video of hers. Come back to the comments and let me know if her wisdom isn’t what your life needs right now.

DDK’s coaching membership opens up for new intake on 24th March 2024. Click here to make the most remarkable investment your life needs right now!!PS: I am not going to receive any dime for any of this – I promise. I just cannot keep quiet about something (and someone) who has significantly changed my life.

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