Worry about what people will say

When Should You Worry About What People Will Say?

There are two major extremes when it comes to living as individuals and how our actions affect the people we find around us.

The first extreme consists of wide-eyed crowd-pleasers whose every step is (solely) dependent on the reaction of others. When praise is expected from the crowd, action will be taken. But if people react disappointed, no more action. At their worst, these people do things only because they will please others – not necessarily because it is the right thing to do. Yes, this is where clout-chasers reside.

The second extreme adopts the “do what makes you happy” lifestyle, so they go ahead with every plan – irrespective of the final outcome for other people.


Well…since you want me to ask, which of these extremes defines you right now?

Can we be honest at this point?

It might hurt a little, but here we go!

First, we are not called to lead our lives chasing people’s approval. At the same time, we are not precisely called to do what makes us happy. We were created for God’s pleasure, remember? So we are to do what makes Him happy, not what makes us happy.

Why’s that?

We still live in human bodies; the war against the flesh is real, and what will make us happy may not always make God happy. So to be safe, we stick with what makes God happy. And sometimes, what makes God happy may be what is best for those around us.

I know you’re now thinking, “I can’t believe you said that, Meb. When did you change your mind about NOT being a people-pleaser?”

Well, I didn’t change my mind, and you’ll see what I mean if you just read on.

Now, when should you worry about what people will say?

When People Look Up To You

It’s a free world, baby!????

But, hey, what you do with your freedom whispers much about who you truly are and what matters to you.

Yes, you’re an adult, and no one should tell you how to rock your life – not even nosy me. But if that action you’re about to take will cause those behind you (who look up to you) to move in the wrong direction or see life from a horrific perspective, then I guess it would be wise to reconsider your actions and ‘worry about what people will say.’

I know you’re itching to show everyone that you do things on your terms. But could you be kind enough to consider the impression you’ll make on naive minds?

When Meaningful Relationships Are At Stake

When we understand the inestimable importance of supernatural relationships, we will realize that there can sometimes be safety in ‘worrying about what people will say.’

Now, this isn’t me telling you to make all your life’s choices based on what your friends, mentors, parents, or leaders think.

I’m only saying that making some sacrifices (and watching what your actions will do to people) can save you from the premature death of supernatural relationships. This does not make you a people-pleaser. It only shows how reasonable and honorable you are.

When the Bet Is a Lost Soul

Faith is a thing of the heart – no arguments here. But when dealing with human beings, you’d have to bring in the physical and emotional components of your acts.

Now while interacting with unbelievers (who, I believe, you’re looking to win over), you must be conscious that the physical is all they can understand and work with until you win them over. This means you may need to look out for the interpretation your actions will give these people.

And no, this doesn’t mean you become a hypocrite. It just means you’ll go that extra mile to exercise some more self-control.

When You May Worry In Future

I won’t mention any names, but I’m pretty sure you know a few people whose future ambitions were sabotaged (or dented) by something they did in the past.

I’m not trying to be your mom here, but worrying about the light your stunt would put you in right now (before you do it) may save you trouble in the future (after you’ve done it).

Here’s a question I always ask people, which I believe you’ll find helpful: does this action resonate with the person you aspire to be in the future?

Your answer should tell whether or not you should worry about what people will think about your actions.

When God’s Reputation Is At Stake

People can’t – and shouldn’t – tell you what to do.

We get it.

But when you’re putting God’s reputation on the line, you may want to look at people’s faces while acting. Not literally, though.

If what you are set to do will have brows raised in question about how genuine a child of God you are, sweetheart, please think again. Worse still, if your next step will make others question God’s integrity, then it may be time to worry – if not panic – about what people will think.

I do hope you’ll start to give some more thoughts to the repercussions of your actions on other people.


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    1. Yes sir!
      But as I’ve explained in the post, it is sometimes healthy to worry about how our actions affect other humans as in the examples. Truth is, in some cases, we do not necessarily need to hear from God to know how to act. We already have His word and reasoning to help us know the best foot to put forward.

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