Why you should drink more water

Why You Should Drink More Water

A Healthier You Day 1

Buy a water bottle, always keep it refilled, and go everywhere with it – including your bed.

The basic rule of thumb is to consume up to 3 cups of water each hour, roughly 16 cups per day. Remember you should be asleep for the other 8 hours – ideally 😃.

How Water Keeps You Alive

The importance of water to human existence cannot be overemphasized. Your body needs water to perform basic functions that keep you alive. These functions include:

  1. Digestion. Your digestive system needs water to carry out its duty on the foods you eat. If you do not drink enough water, you may experience digestive complications such as constipation and indigestion.
  2. Transporting nutrients to the body cells. Nutrients (for your cells) are the reasons you eat in the first place. But your cells may starve if you do not drink enough water to facilitate the transportation of these nutrients into your cells. You’ll also be impeding the removal of waste products from the cells. Do you know what these mean?
  3. Regulating body temperature. Water, through sweat, is your body’s mechanism for preventing you from overheating. Think of how you take care of your car’s radiator!
  4. Keeping Your Brain Active. When you stay hydrated, your brain cells are better able to receive blood that is rich in oxygen. This kind of blood helps your brain function properly, so you can stay alert and focused. On the other hand, dehydration can affect your brain’s processing capacity and even your memory.
  5. Balancing electrolytes in the body. You do not want to experience what electrolyte imbalance does to the body. Do you also know that your nervous system needs electrolytes to function?
  6. Eliminating waste and toxic substances. Water facilitates the removal of wastes and toxic substances from your body as it does from your cells.
  7. Safeguarding your organs and spinal cord. Complications in the spinal cord could very well result in paralysis. Trust me, dehydration can easily become a culprit here if you do not drink enough water.
  8. Cushioning and lubricating your joints to keep you moving.
  9. Keeping your liver, kidneys, heart, and bladder in good shape. These organs are involved in waste elimination and substance transfer (of which water is the main channel) in the body. So, more water means they’ll function properly, and less water…
  10. Protecting your skin from drying out. Want to glow more? Then, drink more water because your skin comprises 30% water.

Tell me, which one of the above isn’t important?

So, why aren’t you drinking enough water?

However, once you approach your bedtime, you may want to cut down your water intake. Having excessive urine stored in your bladder for long hours as you sleep is unhealthy.

How Does a Water Bottle Help?

Get a water bottle

Carrying a water bottle around helps you remember to drink water, even when you’re not thirsty. As a matter of fact, waiting till you’re thirsty to drink water is quite unhealthy. Because thirst is an indication of dehydration.

Everyone around me knows they can never catch me out of my house without my water bottle. I hope you join me too.

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