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Yeah, I know how boring it can be to keep having water as the only fluid you consume. As a matter of fact, I can relate with how bland and unpleasant water can be when paired with some kinds of meals. So, you’re not abnormal for craving something sweet or refreshing sometimes.

But instead of satisfying your cravings with sugary soda or processed drinks (that will get you craving more sugar), it is better to do so with healthier, more nourishing drinks.

Healthy drinks have low-calorific values, cost less than soda (for most), can be made at home, and are definitely nutritious. Yes, their water content also keeps you hydrated. Examples are:

  1. Infused Water: Adding cucumber, lemon, orange, pineapple slices, or honey to water.
  2. Hibiscus tea (Zobo for Nigerians): Brewing hibiscus plant in hot water and flavoring with sugar, honey, or fruits.
  3. Home-made Juice: Extracting liquid from fruits and vegetables like tomato and kale.
  4. Yogurt: You can make yours by leaving chili pepper or a slightly cut lemon (as a source of bacteria culture) in milk for 24 hours. Afterwards, remove the pepper or lemon, allow the fermented milk to sit for another 24 hours and enjoy.
  5. Lemonade: Mixing freshly-squeezed lemon juice with water and sugar.
  6. Ginger tea: Brewing ground ginger roots in hot water and sweetening with honey.
  7. Smoothies and shakes: Blending up fruits and vegetables with milk, yogurt, or water.
  8. Almond/Soy milk: Extracting juice from almonds or soybeans.
  9. Coconut water: That natural supply of fluid found in coconut. It contains more electrolytes than your average sports drink.
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3 thoughts on “Healthy Drinks for You”

    1. Dissolve milk in water, then add chili pepper with its stalk into the mixture. Or you can also slice a lemon halfway, without letting the two halves separate, and place the lemon into the milk. So, it is either lemon or pepper, not both.
      Cover the bowl with cellophane bag and keep in a warm place for 24 hours. I use the back of my refrigerator.
      After 24 hours, remove the lemon or pepper. You now have a live culture.
      Now scoop some of that culture, add it to dissolved milk, just like the first, and allow to sit for another 24 hours. you yogurt is ready. you can refrigerate the rest of the culture for further use.

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