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How Much Do You Invest In Your Health?

I hope your mind did not drift – even for a split second – to sickness, drugs, and hospital when you read this topic? 🙃

If it did, then you’ll do yourself a lot of good by reading till the end. It won’t be long, don’t worry! 😇

When I say ‘how much do you invest in your health,’ I don’t mean:

  • Are you willing to go for a weekly medical checkup?
  • Will you be able to buy the most expensive drug when you’re sick?
  • Do you mind selling your asset for surgeries?
  • Do you have an emergency supply of drugs?

While doing any of the above isn’t wrong, they are not the investments I’m talking about. Instead, I’m referring to your conscious investments to stay healthy, nourish your body, and keep your organs in good shape.

What Do You Do To Stay Healthy?

Nothing? Or very little? 😳

How’s that so?

Are you telling me that you treat your body anyhow, paying little or no attention to what you put into it?

Let me ask you.

If you built a house and moved into it, would you leave it uncared for? No sweeping, vacuuming, cleaning, or fumigating? Or would you leave its front door open 24/7 so anyone who passes by it could just stroll in at their discretion?

Or do you leave your mobile phone’s battery uncharged until it dies and gets completely damaged?

I honestly cannot find a perfect analogy to show how precious your body is.

But hold up.

Why Should You Even Make Efforts to Stay Healthy?

Besides preventing sickness, I think I should remind you that you are God’s temple, and Jesus was whipped for you to be whole. God wants you to be healthy and free of sickness.

But are you sabotaging His intentions by neglecting your body and even eating sickness into yourself?

Well, maybe you should know that it is unspiritual to neglect your body. Yes. God keeps us free from sickness and diseases. Still, you commit sin when you invite those diseases into yourself when you cultivate wrong eating and drinking habits.

All I’m saying is that making quality investments in your health involves learning healthy habits that foster the optimal function of your body systems. These habits will play a huge role in keeping away a lot of health troubles so that you can enjoy this life God has given you, and also stay strong enough to fulfill purpose.

If you haven’t been consciously nurturing your health, I’ve not come to crucify you.

I always bear good news!

For the next 21 days, I’ll share daily updates on small but significant steps you can take to be healthier.

I didn’t hear that joyful sound.😌

These tips are easy and have been medically proven to improve health. You can click on the hyperlinked texts on each post for more details. They work 100%!

Following some of these tips might cost you a little token. But hey, what else would you rather do with your money than keep your body in good shape?


However, I am not a medical doctor, and none of the content of the posts I make for the next 21 days should replace or be used as a doctor’s advice.

These posts are also not cures for health conditions. They are only intended to help you cultivate healthy habits.

So, cheers to a healthier you!

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  1. Nice Read, so we await the Healthy Tips yeah!
    Talks on Our Health cannot be over emphasized, Weldone MEb!!!

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