what the color of your urine says about your health

What Your Urine Color Tells About Your Well-Being

A Healthier You Day 6

Do You Know the Persistent Color of Your Urine? It tells a lot about the happenings in your body. Always check it.

Urine contains kidney waste, electrolytes, and water. Its color can vary daily but should always be between colorless and pale yellow. Anything beyond that could indicate dehydration, an underlying health issue, or the interference of some foods and medication.

Clear: You may be on the safe side if you’re drinking so much water and your urine is clear. If you are not overhydrated, you may want to check your kidneys and blood (for diabetes). Nevertheless, taking too much water (this is relative) could make you lose electrolytes fast.

Pale to dark yellow: If your urine is consistently this color, you’re okay and well-hydrated.

Amber: This color of urine means you should drink some more water – and more frequently too.

Brown: A brown-colored urine means you’re terribly dehydrated and should drink more water. However, suppose it doesn’t lighten up after you’ve consistently taken enough water. In that case, it could indicate a liver disease that allows bile into your urinary system.

Orange: An orange-colored urine can come from a food or medicine coloring. It could also point to severe dehydration or a liver problem. If you’re sure you did not consume anything that could produce such color and you’re well-hydrated, you may want to get checked.

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