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Walking Is Good for Your Health

A Healthier You Day 13

Walk at every chance you get. Your heart will thank you.

If you are not pressed with time, walk at every chance you get โ€“ especially if you do not have an active exercise routine. ๐Ÿ˜‡

Benefits of Walking

Walking is a form of exercise known as aerobic or cardiovascular exercise. As its name suggests, this exercise specifically targets your heart to improve its health. Cardio exercises engage your muscles, increase your oxygen requirement, and speed up your respiratory functions to meet the elevated demands. Consequently, this increases your heart rate and the flow of blood around your body.

Walking briskly for 20 minutes can raise your heart rate by up to 50%. This means you increase your circulation by up to 50% by walking to the mall instead of hitching a ride.

In addition to increasing blood circulation, walking also affords your body the following benefits:

  • It strengthens your muscles
  • It improves your stamina and balance
  • It boosts your mood and energy levels
  • Eases tension and stress

So, ensure you walk for at least 20 minutes every day. Walk to the bus stop if you can, or park your car at a distance (a safe place, please) from your destination. Then, walk the remaining distance. You can also take a walk around your neighborhood in the cool of the evening, just before sunset. This time also makes a perfect opportunity to meditate and pray โ€“ killing three birds with a single stone! ๐Ÿ˜

To improve your heart rate while walking, break out into light running every few minutes. This is known as interval cardio, and it has a unique way of improving your results.

Will you start walking (jogging or running) more often?

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