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Do You Really Need to Post These on Social Media?

We currently live in an era where information is abundant, and technology looks like the future. So, staying online has become unavoidably necessary. And when I mean online, you know I’m talking about social media.

Yes, social media has taken some hits for specific maladies originating from several of its platforms. But we cannot overlook the positive contributions it makes to our lives every day. You can grow spiritually on media platforms, elevate your career, make cool money, and even connect with people from all walks of life with a single chat!

However, despite these many benefits of establishing an online presence, there are important boundaries that should exist in your use of social media. Not everything should make it to those platforms; some things are best kept private or shared only with those close to you.

Before we proceed, can I tell you a little secret?

When you have an obsessive need to post every single thing that happens in your life on social media, it is the most apparent sign of chronic insecurity and low self-esteem!

Eventually, that feeling of satisfaction and success you get when you post and people view, comment, and like your posts only gives you a false sense of security. They make you feel like you, too, have arrived and that you’re not behind since something is also happening in your life.

Trust me, this obsession is very unhealthy!!

Now, let’s talk about those things that shouldn’t be found on social media.

Your Earnings

Why do we need to know how much you earn?

Unless you’re a sales agent trying to draw people to your craft, I do not see why the world should know what you earn.

First, you would be giving away too much about yourself to people who may not give a hoot about you. Secondly, you expose yourself to unnecessary security problems (you could become a target for thieves, fraudsters, and burglars). To what end? A few likes, comments, and…?

The next time you’re about to post something in the light of your financial status, remember that nobody really needs that information.

The Things Happening in the Privacy of Your Home

I don’t have an issue with people posting their everyday, every hour, and every minute happenings – not at all. We want to see your beautiful face, we want to see that you’re growing, and we want to know that you’re well and happy. Sometimes, I even enjoy watching and gathering fashion, home decor, and engagement inspiration from people’spost on social media.

My only problem is that if every minute of your life is lived in front of the camera (and a bunch of strangers you’re trying to please), when do you get to really live?

Your Personal Time with God

We can all deduce that you are a firebrand and know how to spend quality time with God when you post those videos of yourself worshipping and praying. But do we really need to see you praying?

But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.

Matthew 6:6

And honestly, I’ve tried (to no avail) to imagine how someone can have true personal intimacy with God and still film it. It’s a different story if you are in a gathering and the organizers decide to film the congregation (I still have reservations about this).

But how can you be praying, studying the bible, and worshipping God and decide to turn on your camera or Instagram Live first?

Let’s not deceive ourselves, sweetheart! True intimacy doesn’t happen on the street of social media!!

This point does not also exclude the things God says to you.

If posting on social media is the first thing you run off to do whenever God reveals something to you, then THERE ARE PROBLEMS!!

  • First, you may never grow! That’s because when God reveals something, it is first for your edification and assimilation before you can bless others.

Undoubtedly, there may be times when God reveals something so you can share it with others; He might have someone He wants to reach. At times like this, I persist for a confirmation to share publicly before doing so.

  • Secondly, you may expose your trade secret to your enemies. Now, this isn’t me saying you ought to have haters online – that’s mediocrity, and I’m sure you know.

What I’m saying is that God could share something that He wants you to execute and take credit for, or even make money or a name in your industry. But someone else may lay hold of it when you run off to share that idea on social media first. And before you realize that God gave that idea to you for your progress, those other persons would have already fleshed it out.

So, can we learn to honor our personal time with God and keep them sacred and away from public eyes? Share what God would have you share, and honor the rest!!

You In Your Underwear

I don’t even want to get into this conversation. But I still maintain that a low sense of self and disrespect for oneself are why people think that showing their naked (or almost naked) bodies to the public makes them beautiful and valuable!

And you should already know that at my age ????, I don’t really mind being called ‘old school,’ especially when it pertains to things scriptures made very clear.

So, sweetheart, your body (and private body parts) are not for public view and should not be found on social media – until they are modestly concealed in a piece (or two or three pieces) of clothing. ????

In Conclusion

Here’s my one cent:

Before you post anything on social media, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does it educate?
  • Is it appropriate?
  • Does it better the lives of my viewers?
  • Does it draw them closer to God? (If it’s a Christian content)
  • Will something terrible happen if you don’t post this?

Let’s continue this discussion in the comments section, shall we?????

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