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6 Tips to Help You Utilize the Most of Social Media

It’s my birthday today!!

Being the generous woman I am, I thought to share a sweet souvenir with you!!

You’ll agree that social media has quickly become the crux of most happenings in our time. It has become a hub where business owners find customers and service providers source their clients. Victims have found justice on social media, and employers have found job seekers. And as crazy as it sounds, people have also found true love and strategic alliances on social media.

On the other hand, you’ll also agree that social media has become one of the greatest distractions this generation has to deal with. So many young people suffer identity distortions because of the things they interact with on social media. And a lot more fiddle away precious time and resources seeking validation from other users of these platforms.

However, the scariest feature of social media is its addictive nature. You open Facebook and Instagram just to check out a few posts, and you won’t know how 2 hours stroll by.

I’m sharing a few tips that would help you convert social media into your friend and ally. Trust me, these tips have helped me, and I’m sure they’ll help you too.

PS: If you run an online business, these tips will help you use social media wisely, so you can focus on other relevant aspects of your business.

You Do Not Need to Stay Up to Date with Everything

I’ve seen people follow threads on Twitter for days just because they want to ‘be in the know, and not be a novice when such discussions come up.’ This might sound cool, but next time you are tempted to follow any tweet like it’s your life’s purpose, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How does this knowledge benefit me?
  • Will it put food on my table?
  • Will anything change if I do not follow it?
  • How does it make me a better person?

Nobody Lives on Social Media

I strongly believe this point is why most people suffer gross identity distortion on social media. They view the luxurious, flawless, and enviable stuff people post on different platforms, and they’re left feeling like nothing is happening in their lives. In fact, many others go the extra mile to ensure that they too can post something ‘desirable.’ Can I tell you that feeling is a lie from the pit of hell, and you must resist it at all cost?

Nobody posts anything accidentally. Everything you see on people’s timelines is there because they put them there. And people would only put what they want you to see. So whenever you’re tempted to compare yourself with other users, remember that nobody lives on social media.

Schedule Your Time on Social Media

Trust me, Meta knows Instagram is addictive; that’s why your Instagram app has a ‘set daily reminder.’ Why not use it?

Some people spend half of their entire day on social media chasing likes and comments. Why? Why spend so much time acquiring them if you’re not earning an income or impacting lives with your thousands of likes?

Sweetheart, can you kindly take a minute to estimate how far you’d have gone in your skills, income, and spiritual growth if you invested social media time on other things?

Set limits!!

Start with, say, 30 minutes every day, and then gradually bring it down. The only exception should be when you have a very important discussion on these messaging platforms.

If you are an online vendor and you can’t afford to be away for so long, why not set specific times of the day to visit platforms? But if you must be online 24/7, find a way to discipline yourself to focus on ‘business’ while you’re online.

Turn Off All Notifications

This tip has helped me a lot, such that I do not jump on any social media messaging platform at every beep. I only visit them when I’m free or at the time I schedule to visit.

Darling, turn off the notifications. Nobody will die. Trust God.

Follow Pages that Provide Insight In Your Field

Have you ever left one of those social media platforms feeling drained and wasted? I think it’s because you went there with no aim, scrolling through posts that add no value to your life.

What do you do currently? Are you in the banking space, the medical space, or the crypto space? You’ll make social media a tool for your career and business growth if you follow more pages within your niche.

This point is also why I find workshops, seminars, and coaching calls so easily. My followings are within my preferred niche, and I always find helpful resources whenever I open any social media messaging platform.

Limit Your Followings to people Whose Present Look Like the Future You Want

Have you envisioned your future? Are there people who are currently living the life you desire? Then search them out on social media and follow them so that you’d interact with their content whenever you’re online.

The truth is, the content you interact with daily has a way of shaping your mind and actions – unconsciously. So, to ensure you interact with the right content daily, use your social media. It’s a place you visit every day.

To ensure that I stay in touch with the women I desire to become, I follow people who think like me and do the things I plan to do in the future. Trust me, whenever I leave platforms like Instagram, I always leave edified and wiser.

Addiction Tests

I do have a quick social media addiction test for you.

I need you to calculate the longest you can stay without opening any social media messaging platform. Try it for a few days, and leave your answers in the comment section.

You can channel those times you stay off social media into honing your skills, learning a skill, reading a book or talking to God!

If you do not sell anything online, can you stay away from social media for an entire day? Show yourself that you can live a beautiful life without social media.

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10 thoughts on “6 Tips to Help You Utilize the Most of Social Media”

    1. Phew!!
      It’s inspiring to hear you can go as long without social media sir. Not many people in our generation can.
      I’m glad you found the post enlightening!

  1. You’re really a blessing!
    Continue being a blessing to generations to come.
    Really thankful for this piece.
    Happy birthday to you once more.

  2. Wow! What a beautiful piece. Really hope many youth will see this post, it will really help a lot of people. Thank you for always blessing us with your timely posts.

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