Why should you go to church

Why Should We Go To Church?

It’s been a second!

Tech issues came up, and the blog had to go under the knives. But we’re back!

I don’t know if I am the only one who noticed, but there’s been a recent uproar (or argument ????) around the importance of going to church. Some people (young, for sure) are of the opinion that Christianity is a thing of the heart and you can serve God from the comfort of your home without the need for a church.

Now, I’m bringing this matter to you…

Because I believe you go to church, or you must have gone at some point. Why church in the first place? Why did you go to church this week? Why did you go last week? Why will you go next week? Why should you belong to a local assembly?

Because you were brought up in a Christian home?

Because it is the norm to dress up and go to church on Sundays?

To interact with your friends?

So that God will not be angry with you and bless you for marking the attendance?

So that the enemy will not attack you?

What’s your reason? Be sincere. Please ponder over it for some time before you continue. Write if you will.

Now that you have your sincere answer let’s go through some fundamental – and non-negotiable reasons why every believer must attend church and be an active member of a local assembly.

Because You Are a Member of a Family

Given ideal conditions, a child born into a family is supposed to live and grow with his/her family. The only exception will be when there is an anomaly – poverty, the death of a family member, or matters beyond their control.

In the same way, when you surrender to Christ, you become a member of God’s family. So it is required of you to be in the midst of other family members. Since you become a part of Christ’s body, you should always be found with other members.

As simple as this sounds, it is very important to God – family is very important to God. His Spirit prefers to be in an environment where there is unity among those who are in the household of God.

And why wouldn’t anyone just love to be with their family?

To Honor God

I’m so sorry, but honor is shown, not said. Honor does not end in just thanking God for the things He does for you. It does not even begin with putting up social media posts that have ‘God’ in them!

One practical way to honor God is to hallow the things He takes seriously. God is so particular about establishing His family to the point that the life of His only begotten Son was the price He paid to have that family.

So, going to church and fellowshipping with other believers is your way of recognizing the body (family) God builds through the sacrifice of His Son. This, in turn, is your show of honor to God.

Ready for another truth? When you honor God, take your mind away from getting a reward; otherwise, it would no longer be an honor.

For Your Edification and Growth

It is God’s desire that we, together, come to the fullness of the image of the stature of Christ.

I know you’re asking, can’t I grow on my own and just listen to messages, pray, and worship in my home?

Yes, you can.

But there are elements of your spiritual edification and growth you cannot attain by yourself. There will always be a need for instruction in righteousness, and God has placed people in authority in the body for that purpose.

The early church did not start with people getting filled with the Holy Spirit in their homes. As a matter of fact, the first account of the infilling of the Spirit was in the upper room, where the church was in one accord. Why should it be different now?

I know you have the Holy Spirit, but you also need to be instructed for balanced growth maturity. Attending church and belonging to a local assembly places you in an atmosphere where you can consistently experience growth in your faith. Quite significantly, being in the company of believers saves you from the isolation that leads to destruction (more on this in another post).

For the Work of Ministry

We did not get saved to turn God into our errand Daddy. Have you ever wondered what God wants?

His desire is that the entire earth will be filled with the knowledge of His glory as waters cover the seas. This means that the whole earth will submit to His authority. If all you know and do in prayer is to ask for your needs to be met, who will do the work of winning others to God? Pastors alone? Prophets alone? Nahhh

The Bible was not written to pastors and prophets alone, so when it says that the ministry of reconciliation has been committed to us, it is to you and me, not pastors and prophets alone. This means that every believer has a ministry of reconciling others to God. And one way to walk effectively in that ministry is to stay connected to other believers by fellowshipping in church.

For Order and Accountability

You go to church and become an active member of a local assembly so that you can be accountable to the people God places over you.

Gen Zs, please don’t leave yet.

I firmly believe that the argument about going or not going to church began because people no longer want to be held accountable. We don’t want anyone to tell us when we are getting it wrong. We only want to be in places where we are always applauded and praised – even when doing wrong.

Breaking news, Love, the church is a place of truth! And God is truth!

So, if you must grow in God and be a genuine child of His, then you should feel at home in a place where you’re always redirected to truth!

What Does this Information Do To You?

You now know that your church members are your brothers and sisters in the Lord, irrespective of their status, weakness, age, and faults.

Every time you go to church, go with the mindset that you are going to spend time with your Father and other members of your family. Remember also that the price God paid for that family to stand is the blood of His Son!

I really can’t put a full stop anywhere without emphasizing that the church isn’t the home for perfect people. It is where we come to be made perfect and conform to the image of Christ. So, approach with some allowance for imperfections and human frailties from others – just as you have yours. And learn to be a conduit through which God can help other members of His family.


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