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Your Body Needs Protein

A Healthier You Day 15

Don’t joke with proteins. Your nervous system needs amino acids to function.

We need energy from carbohydrates and nourishment from vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. But can I put it to you that you cannot survive without proteins? 

Why Should You Take More Protein?

Proteins Are the Basic Building Blocks Of Cells And Tissues

The cells in the human body undergo a process of natural death and renewal, and protein is the primary element required for new cells to form. When your body does not receive enough protein, cells may not regenerate as they should, resulting in organ and system malfunction and failures.

Repairs Your Body During Injury

Since proteins happen to be the building blocks of cells and tissues, they are essential in helping your body heal from injuries. When you have a cut, for instance, protein helps your body produce new skin cells to cover up the cut.

Builds Your Muscles

Do you know what your body would look like if you were without muscles?

Picture a very lean person with extremely saggy skin. Yes. That’s what a lack of protein does because protein is essential for muscle build-up and repair.

So, you need to consume more protein to make up for the fat you burn during everyday activities.

Regulates Your Nervous System

Your nervous system is a vital part of your makeup, responsible for thoughts, movement, and response to external stimuli (such as touch, pressure, pain, etc.). Your nervous system is also responsible for autonomic functions like the beating of your heart and the functioning of your organs.

Your brain (the father of your nervous system) receives and transmits signals through messengers called neurotransmitters. These signals prompt your body to complete an action that can be voluntary or autonomic. But these neurotransmitters (emanating from the spinal cord, which you can call the mother of the nervous system) are made up of proteins and amino acids, making proteins essential for regulating the development of your nervous system. So, little protein means nervous system dysfunction.

Boosts Your Immune System

Proteins are essential parts of your body’s immune responses. Natural killer cells and antibodies are all proteins. So taking more protein will significantly boost your body’s ability to fight diseases and foreign substances.

Essential for the Production of Hormones and Enzymes

Hormones and enzymes are substances produced and secreted in the body to trigger specific processes like digestion and reproduction. They are basically complex proteins, and their production requires that your body gets sufficient amounts of proteins.

Required for Skin, Hair, and Nail growth

Do you want to have healthy skin and envious hair growth? Then eat more proteins. Proteins are the structural elements of your hair, skin, and nails. So you need protein to experience a healthy growth of these visible body parts.

So, the meat or fish you put on the side of your dishes is definitely not for decoration. Your body needs it. In fact, your entire body is composed of proteins.

How You Can Eat More Protein

  • Resort to a high-protein snack like boiled eggs and yogurt.
  • Always include protein like fish, meat, eggs, or soy products in your meals.
  • Stock up on canned protein like sardines and salmon.
  • Replace sugary spread like jam with protein alternatives like mayonnaise and peanut butter.
  • Replace soda with yogurt, milk, and soy drinks.

Pair your carbohydrates with legumes like beans and lentils.

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