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What One Year of Blogging Taught Me

I’ve been writing since I knew how to construct a proper sentence. I remember writing several storybooks as an elementary school pupil. One book I remember so vividly was titled Uriema and the Python??. It was a kiddies’ picture book with short but thrilling fiction about a girl who married a python. I think I wrote that when I was between 9 and 12 years old, inspired by the dozens of Enid Blyton’s books I’d read. In fact, I still taste the excitement with which I created every childish page of that book using a pen, crayons, cardboard, and pages from my school book?.

However, when I first received the vision for Intentional Living with Meb, I did not feel up to the task?. At the time, I reckoned that I’d need more than my ability to put words together to start the blog. Consequently, that knowledge made the entire blogging thing appear like something I could never pull off without receiving a weird kind of impartation. And honestly, I felt I had a valid excuse to keep procrastinating – until I could say I was fit enough to steward the assignment.

You guessed right.

I procrastinated for almost two years. I kept journaling potential posts, waiting for that supernatural day until I realized that I no longer had another hour to stall. And here we are – a year already. ??

Obviously, I’m not the same woman who kicked off this blog on the 27th of January, 2022. 

Yes, change happens to everyone. But more specifically, I’ve experienced remarkable transformations on account of the lessons I’ve learned running this blog with the help of the Holy Spirit. You see that time lapse between receiving insight for a post and passing it across to you? That’s where my transformation has been embedded. WITH EVERY SINGLE POST.

So, here’s the summation of what my first year of blogging taught me. Feel free to summon enough courage and motivation to start that thing you’ve always wanted to do. Your first day doesn’t have to be your best day!

Receive and Run

Are you sure God has laid something on your heart for the people around you? And I mean something that has passed the assessment of scriptures and is for the good of mankind? Then be bold about giving expression to it. Don’t wait. God’s work cannot wait – unless He says so. The King’s business requires haste, and the Holy Spirit does not take vacays. You shouldn’t either.

Not to scare you, but the longer you wait to execute what God is prompting you to do now, the more time you give God to groom someone else for the job. Wouldn’t that be a massive loss for you? I pray you never lose out on destiny in that manner.

Seeing how far God has brought me through this blog, I sometimes wish I had started years ago when God first laid the vision in my heart. The difference would have been speaking for itself already. But it’s okay. I’ve repented of that, and I’m moving forward with the vision. I’m forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth into those things which are before.

Be Unapologetic About Your Message


Not everybody will like you when you share your message. But that’s okay. You’re not sent to everybody.

When you hear people-pleasing, are you quick to condemn and admonish?

Well, I used to be swift to do those too. But I realized that we all have the tendency to want to make others happy at the gross expense of our well-being unless we deliberately fish out and destroy that syndrome.

Blogging for a year has taught me how to do my thing without looking out for who smiles (or frowns) at me. Don’t get me wrong. I know God has surrounded me with people who love me and will go the extra mile to support my vision and become active crusaders. But I also know that naysayers are always around the corner, and I’ve learned not to give heed to them.

If I keep looking out for everybody’s approval of my message, I may never come around to conceive and pass on the next post. So, I’ve learned to continuously channel my effort towards being a perpetual blessing to the people I’ve been sent to.

Here is what I do.

I craft my message with a real person in mind. Then, I give my best to bring it to life, even if it eventually reaches only one real person. I have learned to condition my mind so that even if I have just one person who comes forward to say, ‘I was blessed by your post,’ I don belle full. For non-Nigerians, that phrase means ‘I will be satisfied.’

Purpose Is Fulfilling

Honestly, there are only a few things I do that fetch me as much pleasure, satisfaction, and rest as I get when I click “publish post” on my website.

My God!

That feeling is nothing short of heavenly.

You know why?

That’s what fulfilling purpose does to someone.

And yes, we already established that purpose is not necessarily that big thing whose end (or peak) you’ll reach at the end of your life. Following God’s specific instruction per season of your life is purpose. Using the unique gifts and deposits God placed in you to bless others and reveal Christ to them is purpose.

Intentional Living with Meb has indeed opened me up to the pleasures of doing the Father’s pleasure.

Structure Is the Real Deal

This is definitely still active work in progress. That’s why I saved it for last. But I’m glad that I have been able to get the gist in the past months.

Intentional Living with Meb is not your regular information-sharing blog. It is a platform ready by the Spirit of God to equip an army in the most basic and unexpected ways.

However, because of the nature of the blog, I sometimes excuse my irregular post updates with my not being in 100% control of what I post and when I do.

But I’ve realized that whenever I set my calendar to post on any given day, I am usually never short of what to upload.

Invariably, my mind has been set on the fact that God remains responsible. He will continue to sponsor the things He brings to life until His will is accomplished or we start to resist His sponsorship {for I will hasten My word to perform it, says the Lord}.

Never forget that you have a sponsor in God for that thing He has laid on your heart. Go for it! With your best shot!

How We Are Celebrating

Can you say a word of thanksgiving to God if this blog has blessed you in any way? Highlight the blog post (s) that stood out for you, and kindly repost (on your social media pages?).

Cheers to many more decades of transformation on this space!! ? ?

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14 thoughts on “What One Year of Blogging Taught Me”

  1. Congratulations! All glory to God for this channel of blessing to the nation.
    The Lord strengthen your hands for greater exploits.
    Congratulations once again!

  2. Congratulations and happy 1st anniversary ….Meb
    Greater achievements I pray for you 🙏
    You will go from glory to glory

  3. Happy first Anniversary.
    this has blessed me alot especially the room for structure… I’ve learned alot. Thank you

  4. Happy first anniversary Engr Mimi.
    Thanks for impacts thus far. It’s been enriching. God bless you! Cheers to more!!

  5. Thank you for all they writing they’ve all been inspiring but Hiding from God stood out for me because it brings to reality that our strength is in him alone, and that he longs for us more than we can understand.

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