Unconventional Ways to Build Compassion Toward People

You must have met, and will still meet, different kinds of people from divergent backgrounds and with surprising mindsets and attitudes toward life.

And to be honest with you, having to put up with unbelievable differences when dealing with others can be a really hard-to-learn skill. Sometimes, people will leave you upset. Other times, hurt and devastated. And then, frustrated and tired.

But what if there is a way to interact with people with mindsets and personalities different than yours without rousing all those negative emotions?

What if you could transact with people who possess condescending or perverted opinions without flying off the handle or losing your calm all the time?

The answer is compassion.

Developing compassion towards others helps you do the following:

  • Look beyond people’s flaws instead of getting upset, hurt, or angry over their attitude.
  • Genuinely care about helping people get through their problems.
  • Truly celebrate with others and also mourn with them.
  • Keep your heart without guile.
  • Connect deeply with other people.

So, how do you get that well of compassion within you bubbling to an overflow?

Remember that Christ Died for Them Too

Merely remembering that Christ died for the whole world and not you alone helps you dispense compassion much more than you ordinarily would.

First, it reminds you that in the same way you received grace and mercy from God, your offender deserves the same.

Secondly, remembering that God loves your offender also makes you see that God is not against them – you really shouldn’t dare.

I hope you constantly remind yourself that this redemption thing is for everyone!

Remember You Were Not Born the Way You Are.

Have you always been this elegant, well-mannered, spiritual, and wealthy? Were you born this mature and articulate?

I doubt the possibility of that. Indeed, you had to grow to your current level.

Now think of all the people who had to put up with you when you were still undergoing your process.

Then tell me, do the people irritating you not deserve the same chance at growth?

And if they do, don’t you think your encouragement and guidance will do them more good than your anger and disgust?

Their Condition May Not Be Their Fault

So, you met a woman who lives carelessly and does not care about her dignity, and that alone pisses the world out of you?

Well, instead of relating with her in disgust, could you take a minute to try to imagine what growing up must have been like for that woman?

Maybe she had parents who didn’t care about dignity, and she had nowhere to learn the excellent nature you have. Or it could be that life’s circumstances pushed her so hard she had to let go of honor to survive.

By the time you’d be going over the fifth reason (beyond her control) why this woman is the way she is, you’ll forget why she pisses you off in the first place.

Remember that You Are Who You Are By Grace.

Yes, you’re elegant, rich, high-achieving, and privileged. But did you get there all by yourself? Of course, there has to be a God factor, alongside many human factors in your making. Hey, you still live on Earth, okay. So there must be the efforts of others in your background.

Now, why won’t you consider having your efforts in the background of the life of that person who gets you angry all the time?

I know some people can be stubborn with their foolishness and ignorance, but at least give it a try.

And frankly speaking, that moment when you give it a try – and show that you really want to see this person get better – is the exact moment you genuinely become compassionate. This is the point when you start to care more about people than you do about your emotions and how people make you feel. And that, my dear, is compassion!!

I’m in high hopes that your world will start to experience a more compassionate you from today.????

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  1. I love this so much as I’ve been looking for a solution to my annoyance by a certain set of people. Thank you for this. It really makes sense

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