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Let Me Tell You About A Woman

Can you try to imagine what the world would look like without women? ????

I know. We need men too.

But can you picture what the workspace, health, education, parenting, family, and other spheres of life would look like if women weren’t in the picture? ????

Relax. I know you know some women you think would do the world a favor if they simply vanished. But trust me, the world wouldn’t be the same without women.

As we celebrate the uniqueness of the feminine nature today, let me tell you a few things about a woman.

A Woman Is A Nurturer

At this point, we can’t debate why the woman has the womb, not the man. A woman is a nurturer by default. Her physical, emotional, and mental wiring contains everything needed to nurture anything from its seed form to maturity. Yes, another human being included.

A woman has the innate ability to identify something in its potential form and refine it by feeding it with every nutrient and resource it needs to become something of significant value. Her hands are made to naturally support anything that needs growth: business ideas, relationships, homes, people, systems, anything.

If you’ve ever wondered why a woman has always been the homemaker, you now have your answer. And no matter what befalls the woman (changes in times and trends), it will never take away the nurturer and life-giver in her.

Love Is Second Nature To A Woman

Do you wonder why no other kind of human love can beat a mother’s love? It’s the same reason the scriptures did not need to instruct the woman to love her husband in Ephesians 5. Love is second nature to a woman.

The tenderness of a woman’s nature makes love natural to her. Even research has proven that a woman’s heart is smoother in texture than a man’s. Little wonder she is so sensitive to the point that love flows very easily from her – irrespective of how dramatic that expression may get.

It doesn’t take so much for a woman to dispense and sustain love. Such that when she does, she does so with all her being, and can go to any extent for the object of her love. 

Now, couple this loving nature of a woman with the love of God that is shed abroad in a believer’s heart. Words may not be able to describe the intensity of love this kind of woman embodies!!

Can you beat that?

A Woman Is Innately Extraordinarily

A woman is innately extraordinary; whatever she sets her heart to do, she’s always loud with her results.

Have you seen a woman who is shattering glass ceilings and annihilating stereotypes? Have you studied a woman who is a leader in her industry? She never does it on a low key!

Think about women like Marie Curie, the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. Eight years later, she won the Prize again!

What about Oprah Winfrey, the first black woman to become a billionaire in 2003? Fast forward to 2023, she is the richest black woman in the world.

Look at women like Debola Deji-Kurunmi, who is dismantling all forms of limiting stereotypes against women and showing the world that a woman can be everything at once!

Words like spectacular, phenomenal, mind-blowing, and exceptional are best used to describe the treasures hidden in a woman.

A Woman Is Beautiful

No, I am not talking about the shallow definition of beauty society is circulating today.

I can’t explain it, but there’s just something about a woman that appeals to the senses and makes you want to protect and cherish her. Even nature senses and responds to this thing. That thing is what makes a woman beautiful.

The best part? A woman’s beauty has nothing to do with the shape of her nose, height, skin color, or the reading on the scale. It’s just something God has lavished on her!

A Woman Is Strong

Forget about who has the natural ability to easily lift 50kg weights. I’m talking about that resilience that makes a person pull through any situation and come out better at the end.

That’s the kind of strength a woman has.

This strength is why we don’t worry about how she beats the pain of menstrual cramps and labor in order to birth another human. Even the strongest man wouldn’t survive those.

A woman’s mental strength is so much that her imagination can capture even the ends of the earth. She can bear the burden of raising hyperactive children, nurturing a home (and a man), and still show up at her best at work! And that’s not because she loves to suffer. It’s because her strength is out-of-this-world!!

To Every Woman

To every woman reading this, I need you to know that everything I described in this post is you. You are a nurturer. You are filled with so much love. You are innately extraordinary. You are beautiful. You are strong.

Have you made mistakes in your life? Maybe.

Will you go through hard times in life? Maybe.

Will people want to give you a different (negative) definition of who you are? Yes.

Will society try to force you to live a social script that limits your potential? Definitely yes!

But these things do not have the power take your nature away from you – unless you let them. You are who you are – a woman. All you need to do is to convert your God-given potential into tangible expressions. Then go out there and show the world why it cannot be the same without you!

Stay beautiful! 

Happy International Women’s Day, Beautiful!


The other gender!???? If you’re reading this, and you’re not a woman, be sure to appreciate all the women in your life (start with me, in the comments????). Also, do your best to help bring out the best in them. You’ll benefit in the long run.

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  1. We now bear the title ; the other gender lol.
    Shout out to women particularly meb, for in living and writing you are truly a positive factor to me.

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