I'm getting married

I’m Getting Married!!

This might be one of the shortest posts on this blog, but guys, I’m getting married!!

Would you believe I once nursed thoughts like, ‘I do not need a man. I’ll just adopt kids and spend my entire life bringing them up, making money, serving the Lord, and fulfilling purpose.’

But look who’s going to get hitched in a few weeks!????

What Changed?

Or should we say, what changed me?

Well, God opened my eyes to see that marriage, like every other thing He created, is beautiful and should be received with joy and thanksgiving by His children.

So, yes. I need a man, and I’m receiving one of God’s beloved sons with thanksgiving – and my full chest!????

Why Am I Excited?

I know you’re wondering what makes me sure mine would be beautiful given all the terrible things happening with marriages all over the world today.

Now, I’ll be candid with you.

Have I heard all the ugly things happening recently in marriages, even among believers?

Yes, very much, yes.

And each time I hear them, my heart breaks because I know marriage is supposed to be delightful, a godly adventure that should continuously stir excitement in those involved.

Or don’t you know the kind of miracle God performs in making two become one? Or else what makes marriage worthy to be compared to the relationship between Christ and His church?

My! It’s the greatest after salvation!!

But my assurance is in God’s promises boldly embedded in His Word, ready to be performed in my home.

Is my husband-to-be without human shortcomings?


Am I without my share of excesses?

Heck no! As a matter of fact, my agidi can even make the next person wonder if they are normal at all (decode that????).

But let me ask you.

With all the automobile accidents happening, have you ever stopped using vehicles for transportation? Or have you ever entered a car with the expectation that you would be involved in an accident?

I’m very sure your answer is no.

So, why is it the case for marriage?

You hear stories of the failure of the marriages and relationships of people whose background and back story you know nothing about. Then, you choose to run with their stories – men are scum, fear women, men will stain your white – and deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying God’s beauty in another person?

Even if you’ve been involved in an accident before, do you now decide never to board any vehicle again? Absolutely no!

So, why do we transfer this uncomely aggression to something God has created so beautifully?

Ponder on the question.

Even with what is happening, I still know and always confess that my marriage will be among the best.

I’m also ready to be strengthened to do all the work (with joy) that is needed to make my marriage work because I’m well aware that no good marriage is an accident.

Geez! I also have the Holy Spirit as a guide. As long as I am willing to listen to Him, I am 100% sure I will always end up in the will of God for me at every point in my marriage. Because that is His work in me – to guide me into all truth: the will of God is truth!

So, why not join me to celebrate this marvelous doing of the Lord?

PS: Your support, prayers, and presence will be greatly appreciated. You can view breathtaking photos of my beloved and I. Kindly indicate if you wish to support us with your resources. Every dime will be immensely appreciated.

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19 thoughts on “I’m Getting Married!!”

  1. Hassan Ayuba Muhammad

    This is one of the biggest Joy seeing you getting married dear, you are indeed a icon of love and peace. I may not be able to come due to ministry engagement right now, but will send my little support and a sign of my seed offering and blessings in your marriage. God bless you dear Mimi (mebs) and Emanuel G bible man. Happy marriage life as I also hope to meet with you after your wedding. #cheers.

  2. Chisom Orakwute

    Congratulations sis, I’m sure your union will be a reference point to many unions.
    Glory to God!

  3. Congratulations Engr Mimi, your union is blessed, and will be Joy to many generations. HML in advance.

  4. Chisom Orakwute

    Congratulations dear sis, I’m sure yours will be a reference point to other unions.
    God is great!

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