Epic Confessions for Self-Worth

Hi there!

Do you often catch yourself dying to get the approval of others? Do you also go out of your way to get a nod from people because you feel their opinion would validate your self-worth? Finally, have you ever questioned your worth and wondered if your voice should even be heard?

Not to worry! That’s all about to change 😎!

I’m sharing a page of epic faith confessions for self-worth from my journal with you!

I want you to say these confessions out loud to yourself every day if you can. Brood over each line, embrace it as your reality and incline your heart to experience the transformation of making the right confessions.

Trust me when I tell you that these confessions shift my mind a great deal. The words just have their way of gluing themselves to the tables of my heart, and conforming me to their meanings.

And because I love you, I want you to experience that change as well.

So, here you go!

I (insert your name 😍) am worth my weight in gold.

I have a sound mind, a remarkable intellect, and an enviable personality.

I am worth so much because Christ had to give up His life to reconcile me to God.

The residence of God’s infinite power in me makes me of inestimable worth.

My gifts are needed in the world.

My talents and skills are sought after by nations.

The sound of my voice is soothing and brings healing to wounded souls.

I do not need the approval of people who do not know half of my story to be complete.

I am complete, well-rounded, and tremendously endowed.

MY PRESENCE MAKES A DIFFERENCE when I enter any room because I am a miracle on two feet.

My community is fed by the treasures that reside in me. They are fed to satisfaction.

My weaknesses do not make me worth any less. They are only pointers that help me make the right adjustments in becoming the person I was created to be.

I am never ashamed of blessing the world with the gift of me because I am a solution my generation is waiting for.

I never cover myself in reproach because I am the light the world needs at this time.

I respect my time, and I set the right boundaries without apologies.

I honor my potentials enough to unleash them on my thirsty world.

I am a gem, a rare kind at that.

I am God’s masterpiece, the pinnacle of His finest creations.

I am worth a king’s ransom, and I do not need anyone to show me how much!!

And here’s me giving you the permission to print this self-worth confession out, so you can say them every morning 😇!

Say them with faith because the stage has been set for you to experience every single word in them.

This isn’t audio, and this isn’t mere positive thinking – like I said earlier.

This is you acknowledging what is yours and reminding yourself that you have them!!

Cheers 🥂!!!

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2 thoughts on “Epic Confessions for Self-Worth”

  1. This Affirmation is really Underated!!! It’s not your regular affirmation! Thanks Intentional Living, thanks Meb for this one!!!

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