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4 Things to Do When Your Vision Seems Too Big to Announce

When Elijah prayed to restore rain in Israel after 42 months without rain, what did he do?

Although he started by informing King Ahab that there would be an abundance of rain, I’m pretty sure Ahab thought those words were to console him or give him hope.

Elijah had to travail in prayer and seek confirmation seven times before his servant returned, saying he sighted a cloud gathering like a fist.

Can you imagine how small that cloud gathering must have been to look like a fist? But that was all Elijah needed to announce to Ahab what God intended to do – in clear terms. He received his object of boldness after he had stayed with God.

My dear, has God placed a vision on your heart?

Has he instructed you to accomplish an assignment that looks and sounds bigger than your entire lineage?

Does the size of your assignment send shivers down your spine, making it even unbelievable to tell people about it?

Relax, here are four things you should do to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed with the size of your God-positioned vision. When you do these things, you’ll load yourself up with boldness as you accomplish all that God has revealed to you.

Remember that You are the Person for the Job.

Yep. If God revealed it to you, then you’re the person for the job. However, if you fail to get this right, you can poison that vision with your unbelief even before God is done with its revelation.

But don’t worry. You may not think you’re qualified, gifted, or outspoken enough to bring that revelation to reality, but let’s leave those for God to judge.

The truth remains that God sees beyond what every man will ever be able to see in a billion years.

He knows you more than you can ever imagine you can be known. And even if you don’t know this, He has placed unique deposits in you; deposits He knows would come in handy in executing that task.

So, drink a cup of chilled water, and know that God doesn’t delegate tasks with His eyes closed.

And hey, even if He does close His eye!!

Know That Provision was Made for Its Fulfillment the Moment You Receive It

You may be wondering how you’ll gather the financial, human, and intellectual resources to accomplish that big thing God has shown you.


Sweetheart, that is not your worry to worry.

God is not irresponsible. He cannot give instructions without divine provisions. I need you to know that provision has already been made for the realization of everything God will ever ask you to do.

Your responsibility?

Discern, recognize and utilize divine provision. These are all you need to do.

God will surely provide that money, He would send you help in people, and He’ll anoint you (if He hasn’t already done so) with the grace for execution. Yours is to perceive and use! 

Stay In prayer Until You Can practically Touch, Taste, and See that Vision

Not everyone will kill your visions. Sometimes, you may need to share what God has shown you with people. However, you must do this prayerfully to steer clear of faith murderers.

And if you find that vision too good to be real that you cannot share it with the right people, go back to God.

Press in prayer, the word, and faith confessions until faith is fully formed in you, and you can boldly tell the world what you’re set to do on account of what you’ve received. 

Take Steps as You Are Led.

You need to DO – promptly. This is why God gave you that vision. Not for show, not for mere announcements, but for you to take those steps.

Sometimes, the instructions for that vision are all the leading you may receive. So, you must treat God’s biddings as urgent tasks that should be accomplished with haste.

Upon receiving a vision, start to prayerfully meet the people you’re instructed to meet. Employ a designer to craft that logo, start that training, call your mentor or executive alliances and get moving!!

But be careful here. Sometimes God may run you through a process or a season to properly refine you for that vision.

I’ve seen things God laid in my heart materialize months and even years after. He’s had to pass me through His Refiner’s fire to burn out some fleshly outfits. Afterward, I was able to nurture the alliances my visions required and properly balance the weight of my manifestations. Other times, I just had to move as the instructions came.


That your vision seems bigger than your current financial, intellectual and emotional status is proof that you didn’t cook it up. It also means that you will need to depend on the One who laid it upon your heart if you’ll execute it accordingly.

So, what has God instructed you to do lately?

Do you still think it is undoable?

Do you now see that vision the way God intends? It is possible!! Go get it!!

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17 thoughts on “4 Things to Do When Your Vision Seems Too Big to Announce”

  1. Indeed this is a pure revelation from above. So inspiring and motivational. It has really blessed my life. Kudos dearly

  2. Totally agree with this statement “That your vision seems bigger than your current financial, intellectual and emotional status is proof that you didn’t cook it up.”
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Wow. Great.
    What an inspiration. Unfortunately in our world today, many no longer want to wait till the appointed time; it’s now all about “hit-and-run “. I pray for patience and grace to keep trusting.
    Thanks for sharing.

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  5. This is the best yet I have read. To me this was a morning devotion. Talk to God randomly, and Satan is not the focus. More inspiration Meb!

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