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Let’s acknowledge and live in all that is ours in Christ – even in the tiniest activities of life.

We’ll touch on everything from spiritual growth, self-care and health, intellectual development, finances, rest and renewal, and personal growth. All in the light of redemption!

We’ll learn to behold our lives with the eye of eternity!


Our FAITH Walk and Writing

By Miracle Ebele Okeke / January, 26, 2022 / Lifestyle

After deciding to write and completing the ceremonies attached to the activity, I finally sit down and open my laptop.

PS: I can be very ceremonial. Sometimes I have to remind myself that everything mustn’t be perfect just so I can proceed to the next activity without wasting time.


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Faith Walk and writing

Faith Killers

By Miracle Ebele Okeke / January, 26, 2022 / Lifestyle 

You are bubbling, almost at evaporation point, with expectation. You’re brimming with world-changing ideas and teeming with mountain-moving faith on account of a word you’ve received of the Lord.

Off you go, bouncing and buzzing, graciously awaiting what God would birth through the light in you.


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