The Key to Intentional Living

Who’s there?


You came for the key to Intentional Living, right?

Why not?

It’s all yours – FOR FREE!!

Just so you know, it was handed to you over 2000 years ago when one Man obeyed and reconciled us all to God.

I know, even your village had not been formed at the time.

But hey, here you are. So stretch forth your heart, and receive it!

Receive salvation through faith in Christ Jesus!

How Is Salvation the Key?

Salvation is the ultimate key to intentional living. It is the first step in living a life that resonates with God’s design for your life. Trust me, you’d be going in devastating circles without this key, and many great doors (guarding spiritual and physical goodies with your name on them) will remain shut.

And hey, God counted you so worthy of His salvation that He did not spare His own Son! He dropped His Everything because He wants you to have His very life and reign with Him in eternity. Now, this is intentional living!!

To get saved?

Don’t worry; you don’t need to fast, and you don’t even need to pray for long hours to be certified and sealed with God’s stamp!

All you need to do is believe!

That straightforward?

Absolutely, that simple!

Believe that Jesus walked this earth as a man, died, was buried, and rose to reconcile you to God. Believe that God loves you and seeks a dwelling place in you. Honestly so, He didn’t mind giving His Son being the price for that accommodation.

Now, it’s not about how good or bad you are but how gracious God is and will ever be. Good works are highly commendable, but they cannot save. Only faith in Christ does.

I must tell you this, sin and death entered the world by man’s choice. Man became spiritually dead because he chose death instead of life. And trust me on this one, a dead man cannot follow the design of a living God!

God in His unending mercy has made a provision, in His Son, for life to be available, even to you. Yes, you, my dear.

Simply acknowledge your weakness and receive God’s strength to live a life of eternal relevance. Tell Him now, from your heart, how much you need His life.

Tell Him you receive His life, His Lordship, and His salvation.

Welcome His Spirit into His latest abode – you!

Thank Him for the forgiveness of sins you now have and the redemption in Jesus’s blood.

Now, scream in gratitude for all the provision He has made available for you in your new life!


Welcome, my brother/sister!! Welcome to the family of Jehovah!

You now have a new life, new blood, and a new name! And you can live life according to God’s design!


I’m shooting my hugs right into your email! (don’t forget to drop it 😉)


Now that you have the key to intentional living, you don’t want it rusted in a few weeks, do you?

You’ll need to keep it lubricated with the oil of fellowship.

Fellowship with God’s Spirit, who now dwells on your inside. Study His Word, and talk to Him as often as you breathe! 🙂

Yep, He’s right there! Talk to Him and see how real He is!

And fellowship with other believers to keep the fire of your salvation burning and to help you understand your new family.

You can start here. Visit this space every day. God will always have something for you. I’m 100% certain because He loves you that much!

I’m working on a tribal map to help you locate a physical family nearest to you. Just Anticipate!

With so much love,

From your latest sister-in-Christ,