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Want to Improve Your Life by 100%? Start Journaling

Before we proceed with what we have to learn about journaling, can you believe it?

We are 2 today!🎉🎉🎉🎊

It’s been 2 solid years of bringing you good tidings from the heart of the Father!

We still have distances to cover, but aren’t we grateful for how far we’ve come?

I sure am!

And I look forward to doing much more in the coming decades!!

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!

So, back to our discussion, if you want to 100X your life, journaling is one thing you should start.

Because what is an intentional life if you do not journal?

Hold on!

Isn’t it such a powerful kairos that a lot of the insights shared on this platform came easily because of the habit of journaling I built over the years?

Journaling is such a powerful tool for intentional living. I cannot say this enough.

What is intentional living? It means living life on purpose, not merely flowing with the tide. Think about deliberate decisions and actions. Talk about planning and organization. Can you really do any of these without documenting appropriately?

Journaling is one tool God has used and is still using to shape my life – this blog is one of the many pieces of evidence. So, I firmly believe everyone who longs for a well-lived life should learn to journal.

If you still need to understand why you should bother writing all the time, here are a few ways journaling can improve your life.

How Can You Receive from God if You Do Not Know How to Journal?

Or can you imagine what our Christian faith would look like if all those who were inspired to write the Bible were too undisturbed to write as God revealed things to them?

When God sends His Word to us, He expects us to receive it with honor and meekness, not a lackadaisical attitude.

One way you show that you appreciate and hold God’s Word in high esteem is to always be ready with your pen when the Word comes. The more deliberate you are about retaining what God tells you, the more He reveals to you.

Whether you’ll need that Word for strength and reassurance later, to execute God’s will, or to encourage someone, you increase your chances of using every word when you put it in writing.

So, whenever God speaks to you – through dreams, prophecies, or your inner witness, during a church service, or as you interact with His Word, WRITE IT DOWN!

Do it for one week, and you’ll find that you’ll hear God more often. When He sees your readiness to receive and act on His Word, He won’t hold back!

Journaling Solidifies Your Faith in God

‘How?’ you may ask.

Philemon 6 says, ‘that the communication of thy faith may become effectual by the acknowledging of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus.

And journaling is one of several ways to acknowledge all that is yours in Christ.

Several times, I’ve received things from God that did not make much sense then. But after some time, or when I go through tough times, those words become helpful and serve as a source of encouragement, strength, and succor. And that’s just one of many ways journaling has strengthened my walk with God.

Journaling Helps You Bring Ideas (and Even Destiny) to Life

No matter how great and impactful an idea sounds, it will only remain an idea until you take significant steps toward giving it life.

And guess what the first thing about bringing an idea to life entails?

Absolutely – Journaling!

Writing (or speaking) is the first pathway to download things from your mind (or spirit) into the physical.

So, whether it’s a goal you want to achieve or an assignment God has for you, journaling is one of the best ways to capture things in the physical realm.

Journaling Helps You Organise Your Thoughts

God speaks to us in diverse ways. But most of the time, what you’ll have in your heart will be your thoughts.

But don’t go off here. There’s so much power in our thoughts.

Excuse me, your thoughts determine your mindset, and your mindset forms your reality. So, if there’s one thing you must monitor and tweak to be your best, God-ordained self, it should be your thoughts.

Lucky you, journaling helps you keep track of your thoughts.

When you cultivate the habit of journaling, you will be able to understand and manage the things you think about. Consequently, you can make significant changes in your life as necessary.

Do you see?

Journaling Helps You with Accurate Nomenclature

This benefit of journaling shows up when dealing with your emotions or experiences.

Some things only make sense when you consider them in hindsight. And journaling (along with meditation) helps you achieve retrospective learning.

Journaling Can Make You Rich

This is definitely a bonus point!

But tell me, haven’t you had ideas you implemented that eventually fetched you so much money? It could have been a small business idea or a unique addition you made to an existing business or project.

What if you did not put down that idea when it first came to you and you eventually forgot it?

The saying that the faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory is no joke at all. Why do you think every student (in every context) learns with writing materials?

Some ideas will only come to you once and most likely when you’re unable to act on them right away. But when you have a system of documenting the things that come to you, you will never miss a juicy opportunity.

How to Cultivate the Habit of Journaling

  • Buy a special note for journaling. You can begin with one, then get more for different areas of your life once the habit clicks.
  • Keep the note handy, especially by your bedside, because those ideas and nudges will likely come when you’re resting and quiet.
  • Write everything that comes and happens to you as soon as it happens.
  • Try recording a voice note with your mobile device whenever you cannot reach your journal. You can also send the idea as a message to yourself or your significant other.
  • Pray over the things you receive, especially when action is needed.
  • Review your journal notes from time to time.
  • Act on the things you write.
  • You can work with me for a month. I’ll simply be an accountability coach to help you cultivate the habit of journaling. Send me an email here:

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  1. Wow…..Happy 2nd anniversary to Intentional living with Meb.. greater achievements I pray for you. U will go from glory to glory amen
    Again, thanks for the article, was really blessed and inspired tru each line. I’m diving into action immediately

  2. Adeshina Emmanuel

    Congratulations Meb on your anniversary.
    This is a great piece worth reading a million times. And thank you for articulating this life-changing truth simply and clearly.

  3. 2 years seems like 2 weeks now. Congratulation meb and greater height. This is really a powerful write up. Indeed, journaling brings ideas to life

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